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About us

Hi, We are ZVYK!

Your beauty is much more than skin deep, so forget unattainable perfection and celebrate what makes you unique, different and special with small, simple habit changes that will reap big results in time. Our products offer real solutions – expertly formulated to be transformational over time and stylishly designed to boost your confidence and mood.

A new K-beauty regime

Forget the 10-step Korean skincare routine. We provide easy, convenient skincare solutions designed to make your routine more efficient. We formulate all of our products in South Korea, using the most innovative ingredients and the latest K-beauty technology.

All about self-expression

It is our belief that beauty is about expressing identity and personality. Beauty is embracing our moods and connecting to oneself. Play on your flaws and imperfections. Don't be afraid to express your own way of being!

Clean formulas for all skin types

We believe that clean, safe ingredients are not selling points, they are the baseline. We never use harsh ingredients that are harmful to the skin. Our products work miraculously with all skin types including even the most sensitive skin.

Smart. Effective. Stylish

We offer smart and effective products targeting specific concerns and providing long-term results. At the same time, we present super stylish aesthetics that you'll be proud to show off.

Word Magic

We embody a message of empowerment that shuns unrealistic expectations in beauty. We want to bring extra strength, confidence and positive energy to your life. Plus, we love to share our desire for a better world.

Giving Back

Giving back to our planet and community is integral to our mission. We constantlv seek new and creative wavs to support our community and causes that we care about. These include social justice, mental health issues, diversity and sustainability. We plan to partner with organizations that have a strong purpose and donate 1% of our annual sales. What's more, we want to take a step forward and invite and connect vou to join our mission!

Respect our Planet

Our impact on the planet is increasingly visible. We believe that now is the time to take urgent action to heal and protect our one and only home. We harness eco-friendly strategies and always lookout for more sustainable options.

Our Founder

Our founder and CEO, Grace Lee, has a multicultural background, having lived and studied in South Korea and the US. During her graduate school years, Grace volunteered to teach underprivileged Korean students. This soon cemented her joy of giving and helping others. After returning to New York, she provided GED tutoring to the homeless at the Bowery Mission and also volunteered for art classes for children with down syndrome and autism. While working at a marketing company in Korea, Grace saw many brands without a clear purpose. These brands quickly faded away. She discovered what these brands were missing and became determined to start her own. Her goal? Provide real value to people, bring meaningful changes, spread positive messages and deliver top-notch products.

A self-confessed beauty enthusiast, Grace visualizes beauty as creative, delightful self-expression. And so she embarked on a new journey to present the most unique and innovative skincare. Utilizing prestigious K-beauty technology and her creative flair, ZVYK was born. Grace reaches out to individuals of various nationalities for feedback and insights. Driven by her passion and determination, ZVYK strives to lift people up and touch lives every day.

I consider one item that accurately meets customers' needs and wants as way better than handfuls of mediocre items. I'm going to pour all my energy into each product. It may take longer than others, but I always choose the difficult way.