Spot Care Power Duo

Confidence Patch + Peace Serum
8 reviews

Powerful spot care duo that is designed to tackle unwanted zits


Stick these little fun designs on your zits, roll the serum on, and let them work their magic.

Our Confidence Patch is made with hydrocolloid technology and infused with special skin-soothing ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, CICA and Tea Tree Oil. Our Peace Serum is lightweight and gentle emergency spot treatment solution to be used on target problem areas. 



Confidence Patch x 1 :  66 Hydrocolloid Spot Patches 
Peace Serum x 1 :  15ml

How to use:
8 reviews
Skin type: Normal
April 12, 2024

Both products work really well

Victoria F.
Skin type: Sensitive
December 5, 2023
nice products that actually work

I wanted to try this duo and I could definitely see a difference after using them on different kinds of pimples. The spot serum works fairly well on small pimples. The spot patches help the redness and bumpiness go away.

Skin type: Combination
August 17, 2023
They are effective

It is hard to find something that helps. This power duo is good for different needs. The two products are easy to use and very effective

Hudson C.
July 22, 2023

100% recommend these!!

Paige I.
July 19, 2023

These work so good

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